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Minikane Seaside Suitcase with Doll, Swim and Accessories

Minikane Seaside Suitcase with Doll, Swim and Accessories

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The old-fashioned “Seaside” suitcase and its Minikane Gordis doll 34 & 37cm.

Prepare your dolls for an unforgettable summer vacation with our charming old-fashioned “Seaside” suitcase! This cardboard suitcase is a treasure trove of clothes and accessories to get your dolls ready to head to the beach in style!

Contents of the Suitcase:

  • A Minikane Gordis 34 doll - Zoe
  • Aquarius retro 2-piece swimsuit with pouch : A chic and colorful set, reminiscent of the iconic styles of past years.
  • Natural “Sun” straw hat : This stylish hat will provide sun protection while adding a touch of sophistication to any beach outfit.
  • Pair of marshmallow pink “Sun” sandals : Durable and comfortable, these sandals will add a touch of color and fun to your doll's summer wardrobe.
  • Blush buoy : An essential accessory for moments of relaxation in the water.
  • Pair of “Sacha” sunglasses : To protect your doll’s eyes while remaining at the forefront of fashion, these glasses are a summer must-have!
  • “Playa” terrycloth fouta towel : Soft, absorbent and elegant, this small towel is perfect for drying off after a swim or simply for lounging on the sand.

The cardboard suitcase is not only convenient for storing and transporting these accessories, but it will also add a charming vintage touch to your collection.

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