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Kitpas Bath Crayon Drawing Board Set - Ship

Kitpas Bath Crayon Drawing Board Set - Ship

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With Kitpas, bath time is the new play time!

Kitpas for Bath (Drawing board set) with Book board Stick the board on the bathroom wall/tiles with water, or let it float in water and draw on it.
Bath Drawing Board Set is designed to enhance your and your kids’ bath time by offering a safe canvas to draw on. You can either wet and stick it on the bathroom wall or simply float it on the water’s surface. You can rinse the surface easily with just a splash of water (as long as Kitpas Bath Crayons were used). Please note that the colors may not come off when it’s stained on the cross-section of the board.

*Hang dry after use by hanging the board by the holes.

  1. The material is non-toxic and does not blend in with water even when it gets wet.

  2. The paper handle is hexagon-shaped for a comfortable grip.

  3. The waterproof handle is durable and sturdy even after multiple uses.


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